Six Maroger Medium Recipies

Note of Caution: I do NOT recommend making Maroger mediums. They are very toxic to make!

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Stand Oil Recipe

Heat – Fusing oil – Polymerization

This procedure can be done with linseed oil, walnut oil and poppy oil. I prefer walnut. Polymerized (stand) oil can be exchanged for sun thickened oil.

Take 1 part raw walnut oil and 1 part polymerized walnut oil*, in a small metal cooking pan and heat it slowly on an enclosed electric hotplate while stirring the oils. At a certain point the oils start to fuse (keep stirring!), but when the oil reach it’s smoking point remove the cooking pan immediately from heat to prevent darkening of the oil. Cool it.
This fused oil gives a most excellent painting medium, and can be used as is.
It’s characteristics are fluid, non-sticky and very suitable for delicate work where small details and sharp lines are possible without bleeding. Dries to a very glossy & saturated film.

Smoking points of oil:

Flax seed oil Unrefined 225°F | 107°C
Walnut oil Unrefined 320°F | 160°C
Walnut oil Semirefined 400°F | 204°C
Poppy oil ?
Safflower oil Unrefined 225°F | 107°C
Safflower oil Semirefined 320°F | 160°C
Safflower oil Refined 510°F | 266°C

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