2 Glazing Medium Recipes

Recipes for Glaze Mediums

Some typical recipes for glaze mediums are as follows [the first one gives good results for all-round purposes and is in wide use]:

Medium 1

Stand Oil 1 fluid ounce
Damar varnish [5-pound cut] 1 fluid ounce
Pure gum spirits of turpentine 5 fluid ounces
Cobalt drier 15 drops

Medium 2

Damar varnish 4 fluid ounces
Sun-refined linseed oil 2 fluid ounces
Venice turpentine 1 fluid ounce
Pure gum spirits of turpentine 4 fluid ounces

The manipulative properties of such mediums can be altered to meet individual requirements by slight changes in the proportion of oily and resinous ingredients. Increasing the varnish content will give a more sticky or tacky quality, and decreasing it will make it handle in a more oily way.

[Mayer, Ralph. The Painter’s Craft. An Introduction to Artist’s Methods and Materials. Revised and updated by Steven Sheehan, Director of the Ralph Mayer Center, Yale University School of Art. New York: Penquin Group. 1948. 1991.] 

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