Darwin #2 Medium

Ingredients By Volume:

1 Part – Stand Oil
1 Part – Venice Turpentine
1 Part – Rectified Turpentine

If you are using Strasbourg Turpentine, combine it with the oil first and then add the turpentine, combining all the ingredients well together. If using Venice Turpentine, it needs to be warmed in a bain-marie prior to mixing with the oil, because it is too viscous at room temperature. Then add turpentine.

Rectified Turpentine is preferred and is given in this recipe as a standard 1 part. You can use less or more than 1 part according to what your preference in regards to the consistency you want this medium to have. This heavily with turpentine for a lean medium. As given this medium is quite rich in fat and should only be used as such in the upper layers of the painting. Use up to 20% per volume of tube oil colours.

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